Publisher and caretaker of Southern history

Publisher and caretaker of Southern history


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Notes of the South is a publisher of books and a blog offering scholarly insight into Southern genealogy and history. Other services we offer are research assistance, writing, editing, and photography.

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Through a lifelong love of genealogy and history, years of research experience both at home and, literally, in the field, and as a sixth generation writer, I decided to combine interests in hopes of preserving history and aiding other researchers in the chase of finding and understanding their ancestors.

When still young, I was exposed by a whip-smart grandmother to the field of genealogy. She had recognized in me a similar interest of history, especially Southern history, and knew that I would probably enjoy its sibling discipline of genealogy. A true genealogist doesn't just copy names and dates out of a book or off the internet, but tries instead to verify and understand who these people were, why they made the decisions they did, and investigate the dynamics of their lives. She had the experience to back up what she taught, as she was a founding member of the Chickasawhay Chapter of DAR.

Now today, I still advance that style of complete research, and strive to present the details of the past based, not on the climate of the present but, on the climate of the time being researched and written about--all for a greater understanding of our ancestors and ourselves.

how are we southern?

Snugly located in a nearly 200 year old community of Georgia, Notes of the South operates as an example of living history, out of a charming antebellum home of a pioneer family. Personally we abide by the splendid Southern convictions of politeness, helpfulness (something genealogists are famous for, yes?), and our desire to provide the best that can be offered. Here, surrounded by the many folds of continuous tapestry, history is a constant reminder that we are the present inheritors of a world molded by our ancestors; and we indeed will soon become ancestors for someone else to study. Let's offer a richly rewarding history...

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